The Stone Ages...HAH!

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Lily Sotomayor | Reply 26.06.2015 05:47

I did have a big sweet smile with this web. I didn't grow up with grandmom, but I met many grandmoms in my life journey. I never became one and I will not.

Fred Jinkins - Happy Old Artist | Reply 13.09.2014 15:50

Your poems are delightful. They make me think of so many things. The humanity and charm in them is so appealing to me. Thanks for sharing them.

Frances | Reply 20.05.2014 23:09

A wonderful and joyful page to savor.Thanks for inviting me,Kari!!

Marianna Cathryn Glenday | Reply 22.03.2014 09:04

Kari, I was alone and you came to play. Tag your it- shall we chase a mouse or the big grump? I needed to play and I have never seen such a playful anything!

Pat | Reply 26.01.2014 00:20

Fun, Kari. Loved the photos and quips. Thanks for sharing them with us. I'm happy to see you on your site over from LinkedIn.

Walter | Reply 03.11.2013 20:20

Love your site. And BTW, you should knock off that "Granny" stuff. I've probably got you by 10 years.

Ilana Haley | Reply 25.10.2013 02:33

more precious
than a wet rose
single on a stem–
yo are caught in the drift

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29.05 | 11:56

Painful memories from a sad time I am part of it narrated with sensitive and caring words. Thank you for sharing with us dear Kari. With love, Livia

06.03 | 11:50

It is a stunning Website and I recommend that it is read whilst listening to the music playing in the background for enhanced enjoyment
Bravo Kari M. Knutsen

02.03 | 02:43

I'm new here. I love what I see so far. Such warmth and fun with a mindful side.
We never hardly get snow in Ireland. Now the country is on shutdown.Its great!

26.01 | 03:18

The music you employed for these poems matches the message The poems were elegantly worded. And the website is beautiful. Thanks for inviting me, my dear Kari.

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