Poetry or… A Drop of…Tea?

Hello there… How do you do?

Oh, yes… Lovely to meet you too!

Enjoying a little bit of this,

And a little bit of that…

Once, I even found a puzzling Cat…

That was convinced poems that don't rhyme,

Cannot be genuinely sublime,

Hardly wrapped in sensual grays…

Nor swirling about in roundabout ways…

With musings of love...

Life and even death needless to say,

With more than quite a moving… delay...

Always exploring… Humanity is never boring.


No… Me? Well… As far as I can see…

Beyond doubt no Shakespeare and smiling,

Often convinced simplicity is beguiling…

Indeed a Granny, often a Nanny and a mother of two,

But really someone just like you… And you too,

And perhaps even someone who,

Sees words floating about in the air everywhere…

Often leaving many in suspense…

But understanding how to line them up to make sense,

Both in the past… and present tense…

Tea… Anyone? How awfully kind of you to come!

Do say when…

Oh, yes… I'm indeed looking forward to see you again!


                                           Granny Kari, 2013

Copyright©2013 by Kari M. Knutsen



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DONE Sending...

joe | Reply 01.12.2014 10.32

I can see that I'm going to do some interesting reading Kari.

gaurishankar | Reply 04.11.2014 06.00

So sweet and funny

Darren Scanlon | Reply 11.10.2014 02.52

What a poetic and pleasant way to introduce yourself. Loved it!

Bjorn | Reply 28.03.2014 21.07

Ah. no poetry that doesn't rhyme can indeed sound more sublime.. hmm yes but on the other hand they can not... ;.)

mike bullock | Reply 18.11.2013 18.12

Hi, Thanks so much for your kind comments on my poetry, I'm glad you like them. May you be blessed by what you read. Mike.

Lady I | Reply 25.10.2013 02.37

more precious than a wet rose single on a stem – you are caught in the drift

Ilana Haley 31.03.2014 18.37

Kari, you are more precious then a carnation with a butterfy hovering over

Ilana Haley | Reply 25.10.2013 02.27

Wonderful, lovely Keri

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03.09 | 20:46

Enjoyed your Historic page.

13.03 | 22:56

Fantastic stuff, bold and original, much enjoyed...

23.02 | 17:10

Beautifully written....
Lost my twin, so I feel your pain.
You are a beautiful soul.
Thank you.

05.01 | 13:01

Click here to write your message@Kari! My dear friend. I am proud and humbled to have known you. In sum, I found you as a well-traveled person in "Body", "Mind" & "Soul".

You experienced living in exciting
places in the world, roughly, 70%.
Rubbing shoul

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