At times we might have disagreed,

But who of that can innocent plead?

Nobody I know.

And like you … I always thought so.

Hoping you would stay longer with me,

Now I am told you are happy and free.

Love is indeed so many things...

Much more than  just wedding  rings.

Perhaps the greatest Love of  all,

                          Is when a mother's heart is called.


                          A few still in need of mine, you know.

                          Have you reached the up above?

                          Can you see me from there?

                          A mother as well I am still down here.

                          Missing You and I will for quite some time,

                          Truth is I always will, but I do not mind,

                          Simply hoping you are happy and fine,

                          For that is what you truly deserve.

                          I know I might have quite a nerve,

                          But it is my honest wish very true,

                          With all my Love for You.


                          Where have you gone... it must be to Paradise,

                          Indeed a place said to be awfully nice.

                          My first and truest friend,

                          Will I ever see you again?

                          I guess not until I too reach my end.

                          I will send you my heart from time to time,

                         A loving gift to you from me,

                         That is all I can give for now you see.

                         Thinking I could have given so much  more,

                         I even thought of that before...

                         But those are the rules of life maybe,

                         And not only happening to me.


                        Are you a guardian angel... are you?

                        You see... I need one anew.

                        I lost the one I had, she is back in heaven and free.

                        She was a true Rose with a soul so very fine,

                        This wonderful, loving Angel of mine.

                        Never calling her Angel, not wanting me to bother,

                        I was humbly asked to merely call her Mother.

                        It was perfectly right and so very good,

                       That was always understood.

                       Perhaps at times I failed to understand,

                       Even so given more than a loving hand.

                       True love does not really have a name,

                       Names change; but one always feels the same,

                       When heart, soul and mind agree,

                       Love is magnificent, pure and free.


                       Will you find me again Angel, Mother and Friend?

                       Or is it I who must find you again?

                       I will, but I still have a long way to go,

                       You certainly told me so...

                       Not to worry I know what to do,

                       You taught me well, I learnt from you.

                       Giving a piece of my heart, you see,

                       The last gift for now to You from me,

                        “Thanks”… is perhaps a very simple word,

                        Not much said or hardly ever heard,

                        But always in my heart right from the start,

                        Promising one day we shall meet again,

              I Thank You Forever my Mother, my Angel, my Friend.


                                             Copyright©2013 by Kari M. Knutsen




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Lynne | Reply 04.09.2014 00:34

Such a simple yet beautiful it!

Rodolfo D.S. Cabael | Reply 27.10.2013 09:54

You said them all for me "Granny" Kari. Thank you. My mother died two years ago at 89. I cried three times: At the wake; church eulogy; at the burial site.

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29.05 | 11:56

Painful memories from a sad time I am part of it narrated with sensitive and caring words. Thank you for sharing with us dear Kari. With love, Livia

06.03 | 11:50

It is a stunning Website and I recommend that it is read whilst listening to the music playing in the background for enhanced enjoyment
Bravo Kari M. Knutsen

02.03 | 02:43

I'm new here. I love what I see so far. Such warmth and fun with a mindful side.
We never hardly get snow in Ireland. Now the country is on shutdown.Its great!

26.01 | 03:18

The music you employed for these poems matches the message The poems were elegantly worded. And the website is beautiful. Thanks for inviting me, my dear Kari.

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