Without doubt,

I often ask what life is all about,

And if I so may say,

It seems much like a theatre play.

With humor a comedy,

Without… a tragedy.

Hypocrisy we get for free,

Sincerity, costly for both you and me,

So many lies... religion, politics... false history,

Often made by needy greed of Humanity?

Not only speaking of divine faith,

Fanatism loves to hate.

Does anyone have the nerve,

To give us more than we deserve?

Souls with bodies not a body with a soul,

To convenient music we dance one and all.

Wretched yet sweet the melody,

Life... banquets of morsels… what shall it be?

Laughter or tears... So much a mystery... 

To be or not to be... Can anyone tell me...


Copyright©1995 Kari M. Knutsen



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zak | Svar 19.04.2015 05.24

we are the universe
experiencing itself
through us

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13.03 | 22:56

Fantastic stuff, bold and original, much enjoyed...

23.02 | 17:10

Beautifully written....
Lost my twin, so I feel your pain.
You are a beautiful soul.
Thank you.

05.01 | 13:01

Click here to write your message@Kari! My dear friend. I am proud and humbled to have known you. In sum, I found you as a well-traveled person in "Body", "Mind" & "Soul".

You experienced living in exciting
places in the world, roughly, 70%.
Rubbing shoul

03.11 | 09:02

The story of Waterloo is an amazing account of a enormous battle.

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